Feeling Burnt Out on Life??

Author and Keynote Speaker Julia Gentry brings over 8 hours of content designed to help you get unstuck and past the burn in life.  

Now you can access the on demand version of her Dare to Dream Conference for the first time ever.  You'll see multiple live workshop scenarios and dive into the deep end with Julia and the Dream:Together Community in these life-changing sessions.

Are you asking yourself:
Is there something more?

Have these questions surfaced in your mind recently?  "Why does this keep happening to me?" "Am I getting in my own way?" "What's wrong with me?" OR "Is there something more?"

These common questions leave many of us in despair with often no answers, until NOW. We seem to find ourselves stuck in a life pattern time and time again that we can't seem to shake. 

It's time to discover the tools to get to the thing under the thing and yank the problem out at the root.  It's time to dig deep and uproot the cause.

Turn your burnout into a real BURN!

Dive in deep with Julia and her community in over 8 hours of content that WILL:

Discover your Limiting Belief

Work through the Belief Formation Equation

Discover How to Choose Freedom

Ride along through live workshop sessions as attendees go in the hot seat

Create your Vision Statement

Identify your Conviction & Get Unstuck

Learn to protest your limiting belief and start living in your limitless vision

Invite Julia Gentry to Speak!

Audiences around the world leave Julia's presentation feeling like a new chapter in life is beginning as they get clear on the thing under the thing that keeps old patterns around.  

Mental health has never been more important and truly understanding how our brain works while understanding why we do the things we do is the start to uprooting traumatic experiences and unprocessed emotion.

Invite Julia to your event, church, or seminar today.

Dreamers Unite

“This book came to me in a season where I was really just coasting and had stopped dreaming. Julia helped me get to the root of this and walked me through the process of uncovering why this happens and what we can do about it. It’s hard work, but it’s absolutely worth it to feel the freedom to dream!”
Kristin Moser

"I was nervous that manifesting was woo-woo but there was something about it that sparked my interest but held back because I was afraid it wasn’t Godly. Reading Julia’s “Dream- I Dare You” literally has broken down those fears of not being in alignment with the Bible’s teachings. I now feel like I am working WITH God as a co-creator for what I WANT in life! This book is awesome!"

"This book could not have come at a better time in my life! I am on Chapter 9 right now and am trying to soak it all in! Julia explains things so well and aligns everything with God's messages for Me. And for others. I am going to reread it so I can fill in the questions she asks of you, as at the time I was really at a low point. Now I am really excited to live my dreams, she has really opened my eyes!!"

It's time for a breakthrough!

If you're feeling like you've tried everything and old patterns keep resurfacing in life and you want to unlock a new version of you, then get access to the on demand today and connect with our community below!


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